OHKO Fuel is designed to be taken whenever and wherever you need it.

As our formulas are packed with goodness you can enjoy it as part of your daily routine, just like you would a cup of coffee. Others prefer to use it at specific points during the week like before gym workouts, sport matches or gaming sessions.

The only time we wouldn’t recommend OHKO Fuel is within the final few hours of your day when you are not planning to do anything stimulating. This is because the caffeine and other energising nutrients may affect your sleep.

Many customers also ask how quickly the effects of OKHO Fuel will be experienced. There is a tricky one to answer as depending on your genetics, you may metabolise caffeine (and other ingredients) faster or slower than usual. However you will typically feel invigorated and ready to go within 10- 30 minutes.

We always recommend 1 serving to be added to 250-300ml of ice cold water. The beauty of nutrition is that it’s so individualised and many of our customers like a stronger flavour so they add less water, whereas others prefer it more diluted so mix with more water. As OHKO is extremely versatile, it can be tweaked to satisfy all tastes!